Toddler Jam is an action packed, music infused fun social time for parents and children under five years run by local churches. Most Toddler Jam groups run at least once a week during the school terms. Check with your local group to confirm days and start times.


Our aim at Toddler Jam is to create an environment where children can participate in a group setting to share in the wonder of music, where they can learn about concepts such as colours, animals, counting, sequencing and direction.

We hope to help prepare your child for their future school life by stimulating their intellectual, emotional and social growth through music appreciation.

Our other aim is to give everyone a smiling face including you!


Costs vary from group to group but typically session prices are between $5 – $10. Some groups also offer a discount for healthcare card holders. Toddler Jam is a not for profit community service which is funded by your local church and therefore prices are able to be maintained at an attractive level. Check with your local group for exact pricing information.


Session formats may vary slightly between groups but typically a session includes story time, nursery rhymes, music, dancing and percussion, fun and games. Sessions typically conclude with a simple morning tea (included in the cost) and playtime. There is normally 40 minutes of music/singing/dancing, we suggest that your child may take 2-3 weeks to feel confident enough to join in.

We would love you to…

Get involved in the music session! Children are natural and gifted imitators, if we model enthusiasm they will follow.

If at all possible refrain from giving food to your Jammers during the music session.

Please do not bring any nuts to Toddler Jam.

If you think your child may have an infectious illness please wait till they are better until coming to Toddler Jam.

Aim to encourage one another as parents. Parenting of young children is not without trials, let’s look after each other!

There are Toddler Jam groups operating across Western Australia. Find a group near you!

If you are a church looking for a great program to use, great news, we share it! You can contact us for more information.